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Dental Crowns in Silver Spring, MD

If you want a complete smile makeover, then dental crowns are just what you're looking for! The affordable and reliable dental crowns we offer in Silver Spring, MD, are specifically designed to hide the most common cosmetic dental issues.

Whether you are tired of looking at your teeth the way they are, or you simply want to smile with more confidence, our dental crowns can provide you with the appearance you want! Fenton Family Dental offers dental crowns in Silver Spring that can cover up things like:


 Uneven Wear


Beautiful Smile - Dental Crowns Silver Spring MD

Silver Spring, MD: What Are CEREC Crowns?

At Fenton Family Dental, we use CEREC 3-dimensional imaging technology to create your custom dental crowns. In one easy visit, we are able to take accurate images of your mouth, fabricate your CEREC crowns and place the crowns on your teeth! Many other cosmetic dental procedures require lengthy preparation and a number of visits. With the CEREC crowns we offer in Silver Spring, you don't have to worry about being inconvenienced.


Benefits of CEREC Dental Crowns—Silver Spring, MD—Chevy Chase, MD

The process of getting your CEREC dental crowns is quick and easy and also guaranteed to provide you with a number of dental benefits. These CEREC dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps created using a biocompatible ceramic material. The caps are placed over the tooth, essentially covering all exposed surfaces above the gum.

In addition to the protection and strength these provide, other benefits of our CEREC dental crowns for Silver Spring, MD patients include:


 Everything is Completed in One, Easy Visit!
 Natural, Tooth Colored Filling Options
 Enhanced & Attractive Smile
 Durable Performance
 Completely Customized for You


Think that CEREC dental crowns are just right for you? Contact Fenton Family
Dental today and set up a consultation! We serve patients from Silver Spring, Chevy Chase,
Takoma Park, Colesville, Wheaton, and Kensington, Maryland, and Washington, DC.