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Dental Implants in Silver Spring, MD

If you've lost a tooth, or several teeth, you understand how much this can affect your appearance, as well as your oral functioning. A lasting way to replace these missing teeth is with dental implants.

In Silver Spring, MD, Fenton Family Dental provides dental implants that are affordable as well as reliable. We know that restorative and cosmetic dental solutions like this can be expensive, so we do everything in our power to make dental implants in Silver Spring as accessible as possible.

Silver Spring MD:
What to Expect from the Dental Implant Procedure

While the dental implant procedure at our Silver Spring office is a lengthy process, you can feel confident that the time spent in providing you with these dental implants helps ensure the longevity of this replacement solution. The great thing about dental implants is that they mimic the natural tooth and root system, providing patients with complete restoration and functioning.

If you are considering investing in dental implants, the following is some of what you can expect from the dental implant procedure performed by our Silver Spring staff:

Woman Brushing Teeth - Dental Implants Silver Spring MD


 Preparation of Site or Removal of Badly Damaged Teeth
 Post of the Dental Implant is Placed Within the Gums
 Gums Heal Again While Post Forms Bond with Jaw Bone
 Artificial Tooth is Covered with Dental Crown
   for Additional Strength
 Artificial Tooth is Attached to the Post


How to Care For Your Tooth Implant

The key to long-lasting dental implants is with proper care and maintenance. Whether you have a series of dental implants or a single tooth implant, our Silver Spring staff all agrees that effective hygiene is the only way to get the performance you want. Following are some tips on how to care for your tooth implant:


 Avoid Extremely Hard & Chewy Foods
 Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice a Day
 Invest in an Antibacterial Toothpaste
         Floss In-Between Teeth Daily
 If You Are a Smoker, Try to Quit



Experienced Implant Dentist—Silver Spring, MD—Chevy Chase, MD—Takoma Park, MD

If you think that dental implants are the best replacement solution for your lifestyle, then you need a reliable and experienced implant dentist in Silver Spring, MD! With the implant dentist from Fenton Family Dental, you can feel confident that you are receiving the personal dental services you want and deserve.

Want to learn more about our dental implants? Contact Fenton Family Dental here and
find out what tooth replacement has to offer you! Our office serves the communities of Silver Spring,
Chevy Chase, Takoma Park, Colesville, Wheaton, and Kensington, Maryland, as well as Washington, DC.