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Dentures in Silver Spring, MD

In addition to dental implants, Fenton Family Dental also provides dentures as a tooth replacement solution. Our commitment to affordability ensures that even our dentures for Silver Spring, MD, patients are provided at a reasonable rate. While dentures do take some time to adjust to, we guarantee that you won't be disappointed with the results that these custom manufactured devices offer.

Silver Spring, MD: What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a tooth replacement that can easily be put into your mouth and removed when necessary. The dentures we offer in Silver Spring utilize a flesh-colored base that fits over the gum, completely restoring the appearance of your smile. Dentures are great for patients missing several teeth, or with badly decayed teeth that need to be removed. Some of the leading reasons why people invest in dentures are because of tooth damage caused by:

 Periodontal Disease
Couple Smiling - Dentures Silver Spring MD

Full Dentures & Partial Dentures for Silver Spring Patients

Depending on how many teeth you are currently missing and the current health of your remaining teeth, Fenton Family Dental can provide you with the perfect solution from our Silver Spring, MD, office. Full dentures feature 2 acrylic pieces, one that resembles the entire set of upper teeth, and another like your bottom teeth. In order to get all of the benefits of these full dentures, whatever remaining teeth you have must be removed.

Partial dentures provide effective replacement for several missing teeth, but not all teeth. The gum piece and replacement teeth rest on a metal framework that is anchored to your natural, healthy teeth. Typically, we attach partial dentures with the use of a protective crown, to ensure durable performance.

Benefits of Dentures—Silver Spring, MD—Chevy Chase, MD—Takoma Park, MD

At Fenton Family Dental, we understand how much missing teeth can actually affect your life. This is why we are proponents of the many benefits dentures have to offer! The following are just some benefits of dentures that our Silver Spring patients can take advantage of:

 Full Oral Function, Including Normal Chewing & Speech
 Care Requires Only a Little More Effort than Regular Teeth
 Avoid Teeth Shifting into Gaps Created by Missing Teeth

 Smile Without Apprehension
 Prevent Facial Muscles from Sagging

Fenton Family Dental serves Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, Takoma Park, Colesville,
Wheaton, and Kensington, Maryland, and also Washington, DC. If you reside in any of these
areas and want to discuss your interest in dentures with our professional staff, contact us today!