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TMJ Therapy in Silver Spring, MD

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This joint is what attaches your lower jaw to the side of your head, and is responsible for your ability to open and close your mouth. When something affects the TMJ, it can greatly hinder oral functioning. If you have a problem with your TMJ, the only way to restore complete and full function is with TMJ therapy.

In Silver Spring, MD, Fenton Family Dental provides TMJ therapy. Our TMJ therapy is not only effective, but is also affordable!

Silver Spring, MD: Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

A TMJ disorder can make many aspects of your life and daily activities uncomfortable, if not painful. If you believe you may have a TMJ disorder, you will likely need TMJ therapy in order to help relieve the symptoms you are experiencing. Fenton Family Dental frequently sees residents of Silver Spring, MD, that show symptoms of TMJ disorder like:

 Inability to Open Mouth Widely
 Swelling on the Side of the Face, Near Jaw
 Jaw "Locks" in Open or Closed-Mouth Position
 Uncomfortable Bite & Difficulty Chewing Properly
 Pain or Tenderness in Face, Jaw, Neck & Shoulders
 Pain In or Around the Ear When Speaking or Chewing

Woman Smiling - TMJ Therapy Silver Spring MD

How to Treat TMJ Disorder

How to treat your TMJ disorder is completely dependent on the cause of your TMJ issues. Once you've visited Fenton Family Dental, our team of professionals can help you determine where the symptoms of your TMJ disorder stem from, thus developing an effective TMJ therapy. Some of the most common causes of TMJ disorder in our Silver Spring patients include:


 Dislocation of Disc Between Ball & Socket
 Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis in the TMJ
 Stress that Causes Facial and Jaw Muscles to Clench
 Grinding or Clenching Teeth, Especially While Sleeping



Your TMJ Dentist—Silver Spring, MD—Chevy Chase, MD—Takoma Park, MD

Only an experienced TMJ dentist in Silver Spring, MD, will be able to provide you with the type of care that results in complete TMJ restoration. If this is the kind of TMJ dentist you are looking for, then Fenton Family Dental is the place for you! Our TMJ dentist specializes in providing TMJ therapy to patients suffering from a wide range of TMJ disorders, ranging from mild to severe.

If you believe you have a TMJ disorder and need TMJ therapy, contact
Fenton Family Dental today! Our dental office serves Silver Spring, Chevy Chase,
Takoma Park, Colesville, Wheaton, and Kensington, Maryland, and also Washington, DC.